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How to set up a new Lathem LT5000 date time stamp

How to set up a new Lathem LT5000 date time stamp

Lathem LT5000

Lathem LT5000

Lathem has their instructions, we have ours.  We are not engineers, we are just like you:  We open the box for the first time and wonder what to do next.  In the next five minutes, you will have programmed your LT5000 time date stamping machine.

What you will need:  Obviously, a new Lathem LT5000
A USB thumb drive.  This HAS TO BE  a version 2.0  Not a 1.1 (which look identical), and not a 3.0 or higher.  Just a street-grade $5.00 cheapo USB 2.0 thumb drive.

This example installs a simple name on one line, then the year/month/date and time on the second line.
Materials required:

  • 1) USB 2.0 thumb drive. Not a 1.1 or 3.0 It must be a 2.0
  • A computer with internet connection.
  • A Lathem LT5000 electronic date and time stamper

Setting up the Lathem LT5000 for the first time:

  • Step 1) Go to and set up your account.
    We use our standard email, and for password, we simply use LT5000.
    Username: Our internal email. .Password: LT5000
    Next screen: It will probably say You don’t have any configurations defined.
    Click on the New button to get started.
  • Step 2) Click on + NEW
  • Step 3) Click on “Custom Comments” Select +New (again)
    In Name, this is the file name. Give it a name you can remember in the future.
    You will see “Comment 30”. Replace this with that name. We used ETC Demo.
    A red box appears, next to Comment. Put your cursor in this box.
    Type in what you want it to print on the top line.
    Okay to use capital AND small letters here.
  • Step 4) Ignore Insert Control Code, select Save which is at the top.
    You will see ETC Demo, or your file name, on the upper left. Select Save, then Close.
  • Step 5) See Print Line 1, click on the DOWN arrow.
    At the bottom you will see your file name. Click on that file name.
    Now your file name will be in the Print Line 1 box
    Click on Custom Comments. At the bottom of the list is “Font”.
    We selected “Bold” then we hit Save, then Close.
  • Step 6) Select Print Line 2.
  • Step 7) Use the drop down arrow to select your time format.
    We selected Y.M.D.H.M. ( 2017 JUNE 24 3:15PM)  The default is Center Alignment.
    Press Save (at the top).
    Now Download is lit. Select Download and OPEN with Notepad (default)
  • Step 7) Hit Okay. Open it.
  • Step 8: Right click on FILE (at the top) and save it to a 2.0 USB Thumb drive.
    Remove that drive, take it to the clock.
    Remove the cover, locate the USB port on the left side and insert it.
    Copy and save this file to your thumb drive.Updating your Lathen LT5000 clock:
    Remove the cover, and packing materials. Plug the clock in.
    On the display panel is a little button inside a black plastic gear-shaped button.
    It’s on the left. Press it.
    From here you can easily set the time following the prompts.
    The check mark tells the machine to go in to that folder and then you use the up and down arrows to fix time, and the date. Hit the X to save it.Press the left button again (“A” button), see 11.DATA
    Hit “C” (the check), it will say LOAD USB.
    Insert the USB stick.
    Hit C, the hit C again. It should say END.
    Hit the X on the right, and get back to the time on the display.
    Insert a sheet of paper to test.

Remove the thumb drive, put the cover back on, you should be done.

If you need further assistance, call 1.800.847.2232 That is Lathem Time Clock.
Their friendly customer support team will help you out.

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