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Program my MJR7000 Bell Ringer


A customer recently made a change to his Amano MJR bell schedule program.

We had set it {up for|for} him before shipping the new machine two years ago, not it had {stopped working|quit working}.
While he can run a factory and {is in charge|supervises|supervises} of about 40 employees, this is not one of his skills.
He managed to {wipe out|remove} the program, leaving in just one signal event on a Friday afternoon.

We {were on|got on} the phone with him for 30 minutes, {trying|attempting} to {figure out|determine} where he {went wrong|made a mistake}, when it {occurred to|struck} us: Why bother? We then quizzed him {as to|about} what days and times he wanted it to ring.

This is {how to|exactly how to} {set up|program} an MJR7000 with bells ringing Monday though Saturday, with one odd bell event on Friday:

{Put|Place} the # 700 key in the top, turn it to the right, the display will go blank.
Press 2 1 E Press 3 E
What this does: {You are now in|You’re} the signal set-up program file, and you have set the bell or buzzer to sound for three seconds.
” E” saves the change and steps to the next line of the program.

Now you will see the number 21 on the left, and a little “1”. Press 8 then 6 # 700 E.
8 tells the machine to ring Monday through Friday, 6 tells it to ring on Saturday.
The days will be listed at the top of the display.
700 tells it to ring at 7AM. It is a 24 hour clock, as there is no AM/PM setting
– > 700 is 7AM, 1900 is 7PM.
The “E” locks in the setting.

Continuing on, this is the entire program {from start to finish|from beginning to end}:
21 E 3 E.
8 6 # 700 E 8 6 # 930E 8 6 # 940E 8 6 # 1130 E.
8 6 # 1228E (two minute warning).
8 6 # 1230 E 5 # 1300 E (that’s the odd event, Friday at 1PM).
8 6 # 1400 E 8 6 # 1410 E 8 6 # 1530 E “I” I is the roman numeral one at the upper left.
Pressing “I” saves the program. Turn the 700 key back to the left and remove it. You are done.

We then had him print out a copy of his program and {save it|store it} in a folder called “Time Clock” in his file cabinet.
That’ where the receipt, owners manual, and keys live.

To print out the Amano MJR7000 program:.

Grab one unused, or {better yet|even better}, one blank {report card|report}.
Put the key in the top, turn it to the right.
Press 2 3 E then drop in the card.
When it it is done printing, turn it around and drop it back in.
When that side is done, remove the card, turn the key back and {remove it|take it out}.
Save that printout. If the machine ever misbehaves, we will have a known good “restore point”.