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TimePilot Enterprise Software Upgrade, p/n ETC376

Our Price: $149.00

TimePilot Enterprise Software is a major upgrade to TimePilot Retail and TimePilot Professional.  See what it can do for you by clicking here!

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TimePilot Enterprise Software Upgrade
– You must have a TimePilot system for this upgrade to work

Standard TimePilot Extreme and TimePilot Tap come with TimePilot Retail Edition software.  We ship the TimePilot Extreme Blue and TimePilot Tap with the Professional Edition.  Vetro and TimePilot Extreme (basic) come with TimePilot Retail.
This software upgrade allows you to leverage the Cloud via a Google Drive, DropBox or other Cloud file storage utilities.  

It also adds other useful features including:
– Ability to add notes to a punch record (example: “Late”)
– Ability to mix data with other TimePilot devices, like the office Vetro clock.
– Insert their pay in to reports (see gross dollars of labor in your reports)
– Add IN and OUT punch rounding by employee and department (the crew starts at 8AM, no pay for early arrival)
– Separate Hourly from Salaried employees
– Identify specific location by clock number
– Custom report generator
– Three levels of overtime (base is 1 level, like 40 in a week, now you can go 8/40, even 8/12/40
– Enhanced reports, including TARDY, JOB SITE, Early Arrival, Late Exit, Daily Timesheet (“yesterdays hours”)
– Designate Holiday Pay
– Unlimited number of companies – if you have more than one company, this is a great feature!