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PoE Wall Clock Bundle

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Power over Ethernet Analog Clock Bundle


Five 13″ tall PoE wall clocks with Pyramid TimeSync software.  Flexible infrastructure connectivity using TimeSync software.  Capture the exact time, synchronize your network to the NTPS clocks on the Web, synchronize your clocks to your network.  Add more PoE clocks as needed, inexpensively! These clocks are Made In USA.  Pyramid makes a comprehensive line of PoE wall clocks, both digital and analog (shown). You can add Pyramid digital clocks to an analog system, and Pyramid analog clocks to a digital PoE system.  You can also add less expensive 110V Pyramid analog and digital wall clocks to this system.  The time signal does not require PoE, as the PoE is used to power the clocks.  Three year product replacement guarantee, free technical support.