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Detex Reliant Technical Support

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Detex Reliant Annual Technical Support

All your questions answered for one year.  Unlimited training, suggestions on how to best optimize the system for your particular needs, from Detex, itself, in New Braunsfels, Texas.

The Reliant watchman clock software can be customized, there are many features that you do not know about, that can help you manage your guard staff more efficiently.  There are many “Tricks of the trade,” including:

You can set time zones for when the security guard is supposed to be there.  If they don’t show up on time, you will get an alert.  You can share checkpoints with other tours, and know if the watchman went to the wrong one, or if he skipped a station on his tour.  You get alerts and reports.   It generates reports, so you can identify which guards are efficient, and which are not.  You can print and email reports to supervisors, customers, boards of directors, justifying your billing, retaining customers by delivering proof of work done on time, and better than the competition.