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Cincinnati Time Clock Ribbon

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We stock Cincinnati time clock parts and ribbons

Cincinnati time clock
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Cincinnati 10,000 aka Cincinnati 131 mechanical time clock ribbon

It fits exactly this machine. Most Cincinnati punch clocks come with a handle on the right, a few were automatic stamp time clocks.  We stock them in “Dark Purple” ink.  Cotton, twin spool ribbons, they have slots in both ends.  We also stock Cincinnati time clock parts, including Cincinnati time clock motors and time clock stamp handles. We may even have a new face “crystal” – well, they are plastic, on the shelf waiting for a good home, cheap.  We also stock newer punch clocks, and if you want to fix your clock, we can tell you how to do it, or direct you to one of the few living technicians that can do it for you.  Most Cincinnati 10,000 time clocks use 1900L and 1900L2 time cards, but in reality, they will stamp on anything that you slip in there.