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CTR6200M time cards

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ATR121 1000 weekly/bi-weekly time cards

Compumatic and Acroprint time cards, 4 packs of 250 cards each, 1000 per box. ATR121 for Acroprint, “CTR6200” for Compumatic. It is the same card.

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ATR121time cards, box of 1000

Acroprint ATR121, Compumatic TR440a,
Compumatic TR440d, Compumatic CTR121

  • Four wrapped packs of 250 each, 4 packs per box, 1000 total
  • ATR121 and CTR6200m  This is the same time card, just different catalog numbers.
    –  the machines are different, but they use the same card format, like “regular gas” fits more than one brand of car,
    yet Ford specifically recommends BP gas, where as other companies do not care what brand you use.