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Amano TCX Key and Ribbon

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Metal #700 key … We’ve got’em! Plus, you get a long lasting dark purple ribbon, that is Made In U.S.A.

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Amano TCX Metal Key and Ribbon

Fits Amano TCX11, TCX21, PIX55, PIX200, PIX3000

Always in stock.

Plus, you get a DARK Blue cartridge ribbon

Ribbons, repairs, and time cards, too!
It is the same key for other machines, but the ribbons are different,
Call us before you order if you are unsure, we know what works for your machine.

   amano pix ribbon

How to tell:  If the keyhole is a typical “slot“, then this is the one for you.

If it looks like an old-style “Church Key“ hole, then this is not for you.

That would be THIS PIX KEY