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Amano Plastic PIX Key

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Pix key for PIX10, PIX15, PIX21, PIX 25, PIX28, etc Plastic black or tan “church” key for all Amano PIX time clocks, including PIX10, PIX15, and on… This is the Amano PIX key

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Amano PIX Key – Right Here:


Plastic key, fits nearly all Amano PIX machines, especially the older White and Black ones. It is in stock, no waiting. 

We normally ship this via US Mail.

Amano PIX10, Amano PIX11, Amano PIX 15, Amano PIX28  

We sell that as the TCX Key.  Click HERE to get THAT KEY.

To Repeat: If your machine has a narrow key slot, this is the wrong key. If it has a “hole” that looks like a 1/8” wide drill might make, then this is the one.   Call us if you have any doubt; do it right. Some people call it a “Church Key“.