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Amano MTX30 TimeGuardian Proximity Time Clock System

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100 employee biometric time clock with TimeGuardian software. Upgrade to “unlimited.” Scheduling, job costing, extremely accommodating program by Amano.  A serious time and attendance system for smart companies.

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New Biometric Time Clock System by Amano

MTX-30 series
Easy to use yet loaded with handy features, a serious time and attendance system for businesses with 10 or more employees, up to 500.  Standard time clocking software, plus shifts, plus special rules, plus a legacy feature:  It can also synchronize and schedule work shift bells.  Includes payroll exports to .csv, QuickBooks, ADP, Paychex, and some others. This is a complete turn-key solution to accurately and effectively manage your payroll. It enables you to automate the collection, calculation, and preparation of employee time records, share the workload with other administrators, while increasing the money you keep (your profits) through better control over your payroll.

Features of the MTX-30 time clocks (biometric and PIN/Proximity card system)

  • 100 employees, upgrades to UNLIMITED
  • Two (2) PC licenses (share the work load among managers) included – upgradeable
  • Communicates via Ethernet, USB cable, and USB thumb-drive
  • Automatically polls the clock and updates the software
  • Add more clocks as needed to the same network
  • No more paper time cards or time sheets, easily make multi-year reports for audits
  • Reduce payroll errors, speed up the work as all calculations done for you
  • Work Shift Timer feature is built-in.  Ring synchronized bells and buzzers – yours or our new ones.
  • “Software Wizards” guide you though the set up, toll free assistance is also provided.
  • Employee Operation:  PIN plus finger, finger only, or PIN ID only.
    Ability to change/transfer departments at the clock
  • Handles all pay periods, and calculates
  • Unlimited number of departments, can be used for job costing!
  • Includes Scheduling Module – control their lunch times
  • Capacity:  20,000 punches per terminal between downloads
  • Track piece counts and tips, selectable by department
  • The time is synchronized, as it receives the time from your server – always accurate!
  • Includes a built-in option for requiring managers to authorize various employees overtime
  • One Year Guarantee, 30 days free technical support, annual tech support is available