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Amano C3000 time cards

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Cincinnati Clipper, Amano CP3000, Amano CP5000 time cards 1000 weekly time cards for Amano, Cincinnati and Acroprint Clocks. In Stock.

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C3000 Time cards for Amano CP3000 and CP5000 time clocks

  • These are not the same as what you find in the super-stores.
  • Ours are milled, the edges are exactly uniform.
  • The result is that they feed properly and jamb less often.
  • We can ship the same day, and normally do.
  • In a rush?  Call us, we can expedite the order.
  • 1000 cards in every box
  • 100lb thickness (good, solid cards)

Made from the beautiful forests of Western Tennessee…. You can have comfort knowing that a pine tree in Tennessee is now in your office.

8.25“ x 3.5“   (210cm x 86cm)
The difference is the alignment of the bars on the left side.


This is an actual time card, it’s good for 26 punches.

C3000 Time Card



  • There is a 2-sided card for this machine.
  • It looks the same on both sides.
  • Except:  One side is Green, the other side is Red
  • You could cut costs by using one side for one week, the the second side for the second week.
  • If you have a semi-monthly pay period, then this card would have plenty of room for you, instead of using two separate time cards.
  • Special order item, it may take another day or two to ship.