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Hotels and Restaurant Time Clocks

Hotels and restaurants have different time and attendance needs than other businesses.  The selection of clocks in this section address those needs.  While you could use a simple punch clock, you normally need at the minimum, a self totaling clock, or better, an easy to run computerized time and attendance time clock SYSTEM, that saves the records, prints time cards, gives you department reports, and can also allow your employees to work across different departments – at different wages.  That’s called Department Transfers.  In may places, you could also make good use of basic scheduling, so that for example your housekeeping team which comes in at 8, does not start getting PAID until 8, even though they arrived early.  Another feature we find needed is the automatic lunch deduction for people who are just too far from the clock to clock-out for lunch.  These essential features save you money.  Please call us if you have any questions, we know these systems from front to back.  You are a professional, do business with professionals.

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