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Icon Time Systems how to upgrade from RS232 to TCP/IP Icon time clock


How you can upgrade a TimeCalculator from Serial/USB to TCP/IP network

• Disconnect the device, lie it on its face
• Remove the 4 screws on the back, set aside the back plate
• Inside, take out the 4 board mount screws using a size 1 Phillips screw driver.
• Very carefully, tip the board out,  see a 1″ long “slocket”. This is a narrow integrated circuit chip.
• Remove it with small flat blade screwdriver, and discard it.  Be careful not to break anything.

  • Re-install the board
    * Replace the small board screws.
    • Mount the tibbo board on top of the display screen board.

• There are 2 long screws, and there are to holes in the case waiting for those screws.
• Place the spacers between the boards and the screws so that the circuit board does not touch the display board.

• Attach the colorful ribbon cable to the Tibbo board and to the circuit board. Make sure the ribbon cable is on correct – from top-down on the top board should match the same order on the mother board.
Example:  If the black cable is at the top on at the TIBBO board, then the black cable should be at the top where it connects to the mother board.

• Place the cover back on the clock, plug in the custom-made RJ11 to R45 network connector, in to the clock and in to your network.
• Run the TIBBO software program.  If this is not already on your computer, you will find it on the TimeVue software CD.
Follow the custom instructions we provided you with the new board.


If you need to update TimeVue to work with  Windows 7, 8, or 10  the update is here: