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I have installed TimeVue on a new computer and it does not work!

Installing TimeVue on a new computer

A customer called with that problem.  TimeVue was designed just before Windows 7 came out.  He made the classic mistake of copying all the files from the old computer to the new Windows 10 computer.  This is how to do it correctly:

First, on the old computer, find and save a copy of this file from the TimeVue program:  DataStorage.tvd  Save it to a USB thumb drive.  Launch the program and make an archive.  Save that archive to the same USB thumb drive.

On the new computer:
1) Go to then find Support.  In the drop down menu, you will find TimeVue Update 1.0.34  It’s about 10 lines down.  Download it, and execute/install it anywhere.  It doesn’t matter, just put it on the “C” drive, no drama.
2) Install the TimeVue program from the TimeVue CD.  There is no other way.  If you have lost your CD, you will need to buy a new one from Icon.  Icon is at 1.800.847.2232  You can refer them to this article, it will help them help you, as they will know what you are looking at.
3) Once the program is installed, remove the CD and restart the computer.  Has to be done.
4) Launch TimeVue.  It will prompt you and ask for a registration code.  If not, select Upgrades at the lower left of the switchboard on your monitor.  This code will be hand-written on the very first page of the owners manual.  It is 20 letters long.  If you don’t have that, call Icon – the number is above.
5) Install the rest of the module codes – if you have any.
6) Connect the clock.
7) Take the USB thumb drive and plug it in to the computer.  Select Restore Archive from the switchboard.
8) Follow the prompts, and be careful to select “Append to Existing Data”.
9) Test the clock by selecting clocks, and clicking test.  Change your Com Port settings if needed, here, but not the dial-up string if there is anything in there.
10) Poll the time clock.

You, my friend, are done.
(Joseph J. Wagner, Founder, ETC 1991)