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I have duplicate punches on my Amano MJR time card, what is wrong?

Duplicate Punches on an Amano MJR Time Card

Amano MJR Time Card

Amano MJR Time Card

This is a response to a technical support question we recently handled.  If you have an Amano, or any other brand of self totaling time clock, this will help you.

I can see how that would look pretty bizarre. I also know why it’s doing it.  I have been servicing Amano MJR time clocks since 1991, been there, seen it, fixed it before.

Each card has a number printed at the bottom, the numbers correspond to the holes adjacent to them. That’s how the machine knows which card is dropped in, which memory to access, how many hours are assigned to that card thus far on this pay period, and where to position the card (up/down the card face) in relation to the printer. All this happens instantly.

The cards are printed by machine, there is one source for the cards in the US, this company has been printing and punching those cards since 1978. They are never misprinted, duplicated, or out of order.

The cards come presorted in groups of 000 – 099, 000 – 249, or 000 – 199. Special ranges are also available.

In your case, you have (at least) two cards in circulation in this pay cycle, with the same number. Someone did not use a card with that number last pay cycle, and is using it now. So when Employee 1 drops in the card (lets say it is 062, I didn’t see the number so I’m using this as an example), it punched Emp 1 IN. Now, Employee #2 comes by and drops in their card, which is also 062. It punches them OUT.

What I would do: Take ALL the cards out of the rack and over to a table. Sort them in groups of 10 (000 – 010, 011 – 020, 021 – 030 and so-on. Find the duplicates and remove them. Issue new cards to the people whose cards are messed up (not inaccurate, as the machine did not make the mistake). Do the math, enter the correction with a pen at THE BOTTOM of the card. You’ll fix this at the end of the pay cycle. Save the old cards in their personnel file, or photocopies, in case something ever comes up.

Put the cards back in to the rack, the employees will find their cards.. Go to the time card box. Get a sturdy rubber band. Organize your cards, make sure cards have not been taken out of the box, out of order. Notice the cut edges delineate the groups. Band the first unused group of cards. Now, use the cards up to that group. When you have to cross over to the next group (starting at 000 again), just put this banded pack behind it. Never use cards on the other side of the banded marker pack of cards. Never leave unnamed cards out at the time card rack for the employees to write their own names in.

That brings up one more point: If you leave Amano MJR time cards out for the employees, you will lose control of the order of cards, as people will save one for a rainy day, trying to be helpful. That can also create this out of order punch sequence.