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How to restore an archive of employee punch data to TimeVue

TimeVue answers

How to safely restore a TimeVue archive

1) Make an archive of the records as of that moment.
2) Disconnect the data cable from the clock so that you don’t accidentally poll it.
Do not poll the clock!
3) Restore and Append, or Restore and Overwrite, your records, whatever you need to do.
Now run your reports
4) Now you have finished your project. Restore and Overwrite existing punches, with the archive you made before you did your homework.
This replaces the old files you were working with, with the ones you need.
5) Reconnect the data cable. Your records will be current again, and you can continue like nothing happened.

Think of it as an old Word document. You save the one you have, you replace it, or append it, to fish out some old information. Then you overwrite it once again to get back to where you started.
I wrote this, I am solely responsible for this content.  Joseph Wagner