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How to add additional Web Punch Licenses to your TotalPass Time Clock

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These are the instructions you get from Icon Time Systems to upgrade your TotalPass Time Clock when you purchase ANY upgrade:

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This is an example, it’s actually the information we sent to one of our valued customers.
To add the 5 Additional Web Punch Licenses upgrade to your TotalPass Biometric Time Clock (SN B004-767-918), please follow the steps below:

1. Enter into Supervisor Mode at your employee time clock terminal

2. Enter in your security code-the default security code is “00 00 00” Back door is 09 06 66

3. Using the Up/Down arrow key, select option Enable Upgrade and press Enter

4. Using the time clock keypad, enter the software license key [344-635-248] and then press Enter

5. The time clock terminal will display the name of the upgrade that was installed. Press Clear to exit out of Supervisor Mode.

6. Restart (unplug time clock from power and then plug back in) the time clock in order to complete the upgrade process.

Once the time clock is fully rebooted, the new upgrades feature(s) is ready to use.