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We get fan mail.  Amano MJR7000EZ technical support.

A lady started with our online chat, her company is using an MJR7000 clock, and they are also using it to ring bells.  The person who used to keep the program up to date, left.  She found an article on how to program it online, tried our instructions, and they failed.  So she came back to the website and clicked on our CHAT feature.  Our online instructions didn’t work, and her answers to our questions didn’t make sense.  We had to talk. She provided her number, and we called her.  We had her check the machine for a few clues and figured it out.  She has an Amano MJR7000EZ (“Easy”).  Which in reality, is anything BUT easy. For about three years, Amano sold a unique version of the MJR7000.  It controlled up to 10 schedules.  It did not sell well, and was discontinued.  Only about 500 were sold, and over the years, the people who bought-em (mostly catalog machine purchases), have found us, because the 7000EZ is completely different than the MJR7000 (basic) time clock.  Once we figured that out, we knew exactly what to do.  And we emailed her the owners manual so that she’s covered, the next time a bell schedule change has to be made.  There was no fee for this, and we won’t be hearing from her for probably another year, and only if she or someone else decides to call us for Amano MJR Time Cards or Ribbons.  This is her response:


Your help in figuring out that we had an EZ version was a lifesaver! : )
I have your number and website on the manual/key chain and on the clock itself so if there is ever a problem and im not here, you will get the call!
Susan : )  Equibrand