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Daylight Savings Adjustment for Arizona

How do I set my employee time clock for daylight savings if I live and work in Arizona?

You turn it OFF.  Arizona does not adjust for daylight savings.  Alaska has it the worst:  There are two time zones in Alaska.  However, there are probably less than 50 people living in that 4th, most western time zone, so never-mind.

If you have a clock that can change for daylight savings, assume that it has been set to actually do the change.  You’ll need to turn the setting from YES to NO.  Find that clock on our website, we have owners manuals for every clock, in every product description.  If that fails, go online and search for the manufacturer.  Acroprint, Amano, Compumatic, Icon, Isgus, Lathem, Pyramid, TimePilot…  and call them directly.