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How to add additional Web Punch Licenses to your TotalPass Time Clock

These are the instructions you get from Icon Time Systems to upgrade your TotalPass Time Clock when you purchase ANY upgrade: This is an example, it’s actually the information we sent to one of our valued customers. To add the 5 Additional Web Punch Licenses upgrade to your TotalPass Biometric Time Clock (SN B004-767-918), please […]

How to restore an archive of employee punch data to TimeVue

How to safely restore a TimeVue archive 1) Make an archive of the records as of that moment. 2) Disconnect the data cable from the clock so that you don’t accidentally poll it. Do not poll the clock! 3) Restore and Append, or Restore and Overwrite, your records, whatever you need to do. Now run your […]

How to delete old employees from TimeVue

How to safely delete old employees from TimeVue 1) Delete the clock assignment from each of them. 2) The easiest way to do this is:            a) Wait two months            b) Make an archive When the archive prompts, select the date to delete punches prior to…   “Month Date 1, 2017 Like March 1, 2017 which […]

How to set up the IP address in a Hand Punch clock

Hand Punch Answers:   File name:   Hand Punch info Author:  Joseph Wagner March 11, 2008   Hand Punch Network Communication Set Up Hand Punch 1000E, Hand Punch 2000E Hand Punch 3000E   In Icon TimeVue and TimeSource software, you do this in the CLOCKS section.   First, set the clock number “1” for your clock. […]

How to connect the Digi SP1

HP1000 Digi Network Time Clock Terminal Installation Digi 952 912 3456 tech support number The steps: Connect everything. You will need a short CAT5 “patch” cable. Check to see that the connections are tight, snapped in, and screwed together. {Make sure|Make certain} the time clock terminal is {connected|linked} to the Digi, and the Digi is […]

Icon TimeView Lite Software Brochure

Icon TimeVue time clock software is one of the very first time and attendance software systems ever designed.   TimeVue is based on TimeSource, which was originally available in Windows 3.11 on five 3 1/2″ “Floppy’s”.  TimeSource was upgraded in 1996 to work with Windows XP, and was discontinued around 2004, when it was replaced […]

Biometric time clocks on sale and in stock

We stock and sell biometric time clocks, and web hosted biometric time clocks We have hands-on experience with all biometric systems, including thumbprint, fingerprint, facial recognition, VASCULAR, and Hand Punch clocks.  We understand the differences between the various software systems and the hardware.  Biometric time clocks work differently under various conditions, like sneakers and shoes, […]

How to install new die plates in an automatic date and time stamp

New automatic date time stamper die plates need to be adjusted.  We sell engraved brass plates for Rapidprint AR, Widmer T3, and Acroprint ET automatic date time stamping machines. They always need to be adjusted.  To do this:  You need a sturdy size 1 flat blade screw driver.  Back the plate screws out two turns.  Find and […]