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Icon TimeView Lite Software Brochure

Icon TimeVue time clock software is one of the very first time and attendance software systems ever designed.   TimeVue is based on TimeSource, which was originally available in Windows 3.11 on five 3 1/2″ “Floppy’s”.  TimeSource was upgraded in 1996 to work with Windows XP, and was discontinued around 2004, when it was replaced […]

Biometric time clocks on sale and in stock

We stock and sell biometric time clocks, and web hosted biometric time clocks We have hands-on experience with all biometric systems, including thumbprint, fingerprint, facial recognition, VASCULAR, and Hand Punch clocks.  We understand the differences between the various software systems and the hardware.  Biometric time clocks work differently under various conditions, like sneakers and shoes, […]

How to install new die plates in an automatic date and time stamp

New automatic date time stamper die plates need to be adjusted.  We sell engraved brass plates for Rapidprint AR, Widmer T3, and Acroprint ET automatic date time stamping machines. They always need to be adjusted.  To do this:  You need a sturdy size 1 flat blade screw driver.  Back the plate screws out two turns.  Find and […]

Handpunch2000e Product Information is an authorized worldwide reseller for HandPunch products. Product information and hands-on overview of the HandPunch 2000E Model:                     Hand Punch 2000E Application:             Office, banks, warehouse, manufacturing, large employee populations Guarantee:              One Year Factory, Boulder Colorado service Capacity:                 512 employees, non-expandable Communications:     Ethernet only Note: All handpunch clocks that say “E“ […]


Updated November 24, 2014: Computers need a good “tune-up” at least once a year. Please realize you initiate this at your own risk, we are not responsible if something goes wrong. That being said, these are the steps we recommend: Close all your programs. Click on start, select the RUN command. Type MRTand hit enter. […]

Top 10 Annoying Employee Payroll Habits

Top 10 Annoying Employee Payroll Habits There’s no perfect job in this world, but I’m convinced that the job of payroll has to be one of the most stressful. InHR we are responsible for attracting, developing and retaining a talented workforce—it’s pretty hard doing that if we don’t pay our employees. The payroll department often […]

2013 Internet Sales Tax, I have a solution!

Subject: Internet Sales Tax   This was posted in the Saint Petersburg Times, 22 July, 2013 I believe I have a simple solution to the proposed Internet Sales Tax. The dilemma is that e-commerce dealers may have to correctly collect from and submit taxes to 50 states, each state must be broken down by the county, […]