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Company Philosophy

“Our job is to make YOUR job easier.”

Employee Time Clocks is the dream of Joe Wagner. A business environment where people are naturally expected to do their best, and not be micro-managed.

We believe in helping others, and giving them an opportunity to develop beyond their perceived expectations..  It pays off.  We are generous with paid time off, and encourage people to take occasional long weekends and vacations. We support local civic organizations. These include: various community projects and committees, neighborhood associations, Friends of Strays,  Brookwood House (women’s shelter)    Union of Concerned Scientists, International Dark Skies, The Shore Acres Civic Association, and more.

We make the effort to improve our community.  We got to this point because of the generosity of mentors, people we have met along the way who took an interest in us, gave sound advice, and are happy to see that we are successful.  Now we do that for others.


Employee Time Clocks started humbly as Florida Time Clock January 2nd 1991 in a garage. Cold canvassing, long hours, going business to business, nights and weekends, networking, showing up for repairs before the sun came up, pressing on when it looked hopeless. It was hard, and it was occasionally a lot of fun. (Thankfully) people were kind and encouraging. This company started just before businesses adopted computers.  It was “in the air”.  Typewriters and adding machines, mechanical calculators like the Olivetti Divisumma, Clary and Victor adding machines, IBM Model C and D, the Selectric, they all got replaced by silicone chips.  I did that straight out of college in 1977. Closed in 1981. I saw the same nexus of technology converging again in 1989, did research (at the public library, remember them?) and started this company mid 1990.   1992, I had my first WANG computer with 2MG of Ram, 20MG of Hard Drive.

We originally provided service to Tampa Bay Florida, but when the Internet came on line, we expanded our reach to nationwide sales and UPS-delivered service.  UPS didn’t even assign us a sales representative until 2008. We don’t ship much by UPS, any more…  By 2005 we had grown to 80% Web, 20% Bricks-And-Mortar business.  We still provide local service, we repair time clocks bur businesses. We won’t give that up as it keeps us sharp.  We have equipment running worldwide, from a hospital in Prince Edward Island to a bakery in Australia, an indoor golf range in Homer Alaska, steel fabrication shops in Boulder Colorado, to a dental offices and motels in Key West, Florida.

We are a tight group of under 5 employees. We get more done in  10 minutes than similar businesses do in an hour, we are that organized. We study our products, we hold ourselves accountable for every thing we write, every offer we make. To the letter.  And we expect the same from others.  A wise man once said:  “If always tell the truth, you won’t be caught in a lie”.  What he didn’t says was sometimes the truth hurts.  But that is how we work. We won’t make up answers, we won’t do bait and switch.  We won’t read from catalogues or spec sheets.  We will give you honest answers.